PPR pipe purchase and installation should pay attention to the details

In the current building materials market, the price of PPR pipe is high or low, and the important factor affecting the price inequality is not the quality of the product. For example, in the selection of raw materials, some unbranded or non-brand PPR pipes with very low sales prices are mostly recycled waste plastics, and the cost is very low. However, the PPR pipes made from this product contain certain toxicities. The odors and black smoke will appear when the hot melt is connected. Using it for drinking water for a long time will seriously damage people's health. Therefore, consumers must keep their eyes open when purchasing.

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1. Appearance: 100% imported PPR raw material for high-quality pipe, smooth appearance, complete identification, and anti-counterfeit identification on accessories

2, toughness: good PPR tube toughness, can be easily bent into a circle does not break, inferior tube is more brittle, a bend that is broken

3, thermal expansion and contraction: a good pipe can still maintain the hardness of the water temperature of 90 degrees, the inferior pipe is softened at 60 degrees water temperature

4, the service life: quality product warranty for 50 years, poor quality products only 5 to 6 years

The most common problem with PPR plumbing is leaking water. In addition to purchasing quality plumbing, installation specifications are also important:

1. When using PPR fittings with metal threads, seal tape must be used to avoid water leakage at the threads

2, the pipe should not be tightened too tightly to avoid cracking

3, the end of the pipe 4 ~ 5 cm best cut off

4, winter construction should avoid crushing, knocking, collision, throwing

5, after the installation must be pressurized test, test pressure time of 30 minutes, hit 8-10KG, test pressure within 30 seconds under the pressure drop is not greater than 0.05Mpa, to work under pressure check, no seepage

6, the best pipe to the top, easy to repair, if you go underground, it is difficult to find leaks, inconvenient maintenance

Reminder: If it is found that wall paint is out of mold, foam, baseboard or wooden floor is dark and there is fine foam, roof and walkway wall brick part of the wet seepage, check the pipe as soon as possible.

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