How to control the concentration of aluminum ions?

【China Aluminum Industry Network】In anodizing, operate under normal process conditions to avoid operating at excessively high current densities and high temperatures, otherwise aluminum ions may accumulate.

In order to avoid the newly formulated anodized solution from affecting the quality of the obtained film due to the absence of aluminum ions, it is better to adopt partial replacement when it is usually replaced, such as leaving a l/3 or 1/4, so that the solution after replacement is still appropriate Concentration of aluminum ions exists. If the original solution is completely replaced due to contamination, the following methods can be used to provide a certain amount of aluminum ions.

(1) power treatment. Before the temperature of the newly prepared solution has not dropped to the working temperature, anodization is carried out using scrap aluminum pieces or scraps. The dissolution rate of aluminum is high at high temperatures, and the requirement can be satisfied after 3 to 4 hours.

(2) Add aluminum powder. Adding aluminum powder 2~3g/L when preparing the solution can also meet the requirements.

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