What JS waterproof coating is JS waterproof coating construction process

At present, home decoration waterproof coating occupies an important position in modern decoration, and the function of coating is powerful. Many people have spent most of their lives saving money to buy a house. After a happy renovation, they move in and live. As a result, the new house did not survive for a few days and there was a crack in the wall. The water leakage caused the family to have a headache. In fact, this happens because the waterproof and leak-proof work was not done during the renovation. The use of waterproof and leak-proof coatings is not good enough. JS waterproof paint is a new type of green material with many advantages. What is JS waterproof coating? What is JS waterproof coating construction process ? Let's take a look at Xiaobian together.

What is JS waterproof coating

JS waterproof coating refers to polymer cement waterproof coating, also known as JS composite waterproof coating. Among them, J refers to polymer, S cement ("JS" is "Polymer cement" pinyin prefix). JS waterproof coating is an organic liquid material composed of polyacrylate emulsion, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion and other polymer emulsions and various additives, and inorganic fillers and various additives such as cement, quartz sand and light heavy calcium carbonate. The composition of the inorganic powder through a reasonable ratio, a composite made of a two-component, water-based architectural waterproof coating.

In simple terms, JS waterproof coating is a composite organic liquid material, a two-component composite JS waterproof coating consisting of a high-molecular polymer emulsion and an inorganic powder material. After mixing, it forms a strong, tough coating with organic High elasticity of materials, good durability of inorganic materials, outstanding waterproof effect. It is based on polyacrylate emulsion, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion as the main raw material, and quartz sand, cement and other inorganic fillers composed of inorganic powder through a reasonable ratio, composite made of a building waterproof coating.

JS waterproof coating main features

1. Wet surface construction; tough and strong coating.

2, adding pigment can be made into colorful decorative layer.

3, non-toxic, odorless, can be used for food pond water.

4. Applicable to the waterproofing of facades and inclined roofs with facing materials, construction on facades, slopes, and top surfaces. It can be firmly bonded to various outer layer materials such as base and decorative tiles, roof tiles, and cement mortar.

5, high temperature (140 °C), especially for road and bridge waterproof.

6, adjust the mix, can be made of tile adhesive materials and sealing materials.

JS waterproof coating construction process

(1) Process flow

Grassroots cleaning → brushing the bottom of the waterproof layer → Yinyang angle and other complex parts of reinforced fabric construction → brushing the middle layer of waterproofing → brushing the surface of the waterproof layer → acceptance of engineering quality

(2) Construction method

1 Grassroots cleanup: First use a spatula and spade and tools to remove the protrusions, mortar, or concrete on the surface of the base layer and clean the dust and debris.

2 Brushing the bottom surface waterproof layer: The special person shall be responsible for the preparation of the materials, and the liquid material, powder material and water used for the ingredients shall be weighed and mixed with a hand-held electric agitator so that they do not contain undecomposed powder.

3 Use a roller brush or a paint brush to evenly brush the bottom layer. Do not leak the bottom. The general amount is 0.3 to 0.4 kg/m2. After the coating is dried, the next process can be performed.

(3) Brushing JS waterproof layer

The prepared waterproof coating is evenly brushed on the surface of the base layer, and the coating amount of each layer is preferably 0.8 to 1.0 kg/m2 for multiple times until the coating thickness is reached.

1 The following matters should be noted when coating: If the liquid material has precipitate, it should be stirred at any time;

2 The coating should be as uniform as possible, with no local deposition, no over-thickness or too thin, no bubbles between the coating and the base layer, and tight adhesion.

3 Each coating must be taken at the specified amount, and the thinnest part is not less than 1.2mm.

4 After the coating is hardened, immediately carry out thermal insulation and maintenance to ensure that the coating is wet to prevent chalking.

(4) Quality requirements:

After the construction of the waterproof layer is completed, all parts of the entire project must be carefully examined, especially the weak links. Problems should be discovered and repaired in a timely manner. The coating should not be cracked, curled, bubbled, or stratified.

(5) Available time: In liquid material: powder: water = 10:20:0~2, ambient temperature is 20°C.

Editor's summary: The above is information about JS waterproof coating and JS waterproof coating construction process. It is for reference only and hopes to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.


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