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With the development of furniture modernization and the increasing demand for refined living, hardware accessories have become a key factor in measuring the overall quality of furniture. Whether it's asking the carpenter to make furniture at the scene, or customizing or purchasing the finished furniture, the hardware of the furniture is a part that cannot be ignored. What are the classifications of furniture hardware? How to buy hardware? Following Xiaobian together to understand it.

First, the introduction of furniture hardware classification

When it comes to furniture hardware, everyone more or less can name the hardware used for furniture such as hinges, hinges, nails, etc. However, more detailed and in-depth knowledge about furniture hardware is unclear. Then below, we will first understand the detailed classification of furniture hardware.

Furniture hardware refers to hardware components that are used in furniture production and furniture use. A wide variety of furniture hardware, according to different classification criteria, can be divided into different types.

1, according to the material classification

2, according to use classification

Furniture hardware according to different purposes, can be divided into solid wood furniture hardware, plate furniture hardware, cabinet hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories.

3, according to the role of classification

Furniture hardware can be divided into functional furniture hardware, structural furniture hardware, decorative furniture hardware. Among them, the functional furniture hardware mainly includes a three-in-one connector for connecting functions, a screw, and a slide rail, a hinge, a guide wheel, etc. that function as a movement; a structural furniture hardware includes a metal frame of a glass coffee table, and a metal leg of a round table is negotiated. Etc.; decorative furniture hardware, including aluminum edge, metal pendant, metal handle and so on.

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