The popular use of stone will be upgraded to daily necessities

Safe housing and people's livelihood are the hot words of 2011. In 2011, the state announced that 10 million sets of affordable housing and shantytowns will be transformed into the market. Facing such a huge market, the building materials and parts industry is expected to stimulate demand and promote new development of the industry. But different parts have their own industry characteristics.

The use of stone is a major trend in the future Now that the society has entered the Neolithic Age, the use of stone is becoming more and more widespread. Kitchens, bathrooms, office buildings, landscapes, stone carvings, public building floors, facades, etc. are all made of stone. The use of stone is a major trend in the future. This is not a retrogression of the times but an upgrade of consumption. Natural stone overcomes the high energy consumption and high emissions in the process of industrialization. For example, if a cement needs to use dozens of tons of standard coal, it can only be made with a few tons of standard coal.

The rapid growth of the stone market According to official statistics, the sales revenue and profit of stone in the first quarter of 2011 reached a growth rate of 20% to 30%. The main market for stone use is the use of buildings, and with the process of urbanization in China. It will continue to increase.

Moreover, with the development of stone, a new industry of stone conservation has been derived, ie, the surface of stone is cleaned and refurbished. The old stone can be thinned again, and the infiltrated stone can also be absorbed by the infiltration material through technical means. Perfection can promote the development of the industry.

Stone needs to be upgraded to necessities for life. The country vigorously develops affordable housing. It is estimated that the future housing will account for 50% of the market share. But what kind of response does stone have to the protection of the housing market? In the past, the stone market was mainly embodied in middle-to-high-end real estate projects. When the country is committed to the protection of the housing market, middle-to-high-end real estate is also present. This is a traditional stone market and should be well managed.

Safe housing is designed to meet the housing needs of low- and middle-income groups. Property ownership is the goal pursued by people. The state advocates “living and living” and the residence does not equal all. The residence can either satisfy housing needs or satisfy rental housing. Demand, if it can make people rent a house with relatively better decoration, this is also an improvement. For the construction of affordable housing, the enthusiasm of stone enterprises may not be very high. This is the situation under the current level of consumption restrictions, because the economic laws determine the profitability of enterprises. However, with the increase of people's economic income and consumption level, stone will be transformed from luxury consumer goods into necessities of life. Stones entering the family are the trend and trend. People pursuing the upgrading of consumption is a trend that cannot be changed and blocked.

Of course, the standardization and industrialization of stone materials are currently being studied to reduce production costs. This is a big issue. Stones are natural and cannot be made exactly the same. The Chinese people's consumption concept is to be symmetrical. This is a standardization of stone materials. Difficult to come, so also need to change the concept of consumer spending, this is the direction that companies are working hard. On the other hand, it also depends on the effective docking of upstream and downstream companies in the industrial chain and reduces intermediate links.

Although the stone industry is mainly focused on middle-to-high-end real estate projects, it does not have much investment in the protection housing market. On the one hand, due to the particularity of the stone industry, the stone reflects the level of housing construction. On the other hand, Economic laws have restricted the expansion of enterprises' protection of the housing market. If low-grade stone products are used in the protection of housing projects in order to reduce costs, it is better not to use them.

However, as people’s living standards and incomes increase, luxury goods have become necessities of life, the affordable housing market is unstoppable for the consumption of stone, and the first quarter market data also proves this point, to protect the potential market for stone consumption. .

In order to promote the limited connection between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the “Top 100 Docking and Common Building” Fujian Province Station Purchasing Fair will be held in Fuzhou on June 9. To this end, President Zou Chuansheng also expressed his views on this meeting. He believes that Fuzhou Sourcing Fair is a good activity. For the stone industry to expand the market, it is a good opportunity for real estate to reduce procurement costs. We wish the top 100 docking and building quality Fujian Station procurement meeting a complete success.