How to prevent cracks in fireproof rock wool

How to prevent cracks in fireproof rock wool


The rock wool board product has high strength and good elasticity, and has a certain pressure resistance, and the pleated rock wool board has a large drawing strength, is not easy to rise, and greatly improves the firm durability. Rockwool also has good insulation and fireproofing effects, so it is very popular in the exterior wall insulation system! But the only downside is that sometimes cracks appear in the protective layer of the rock wool board and the facing layer, which reduces the performance of rock wool. So how is this crack produced and what is the prevention method?
There are several reasons for cracks:


1. The bonding strength between the protective layer and the thermal insulation layer is low or an empty rock wool board is present;
2. Because the stress at the entrance and exit of the door and window is concentrated, the protective layer and the facing layer are flawed.
Anti-crack measures:
1. It adopts micro-tightening anti-cracking mortar or polymer mortar with high bonding strength, small shrinkage deformation and non-elasticity. Since the rock wool board has a soft texture, the thickness of the crack-proof mortar is preferably 25-30.
2, using steel mesh or wire mesh sandwich rock wool board reinforcement layer, on the one hand the steel mesh or reinforcing structural layer and the insulation layer and the love layer adjoining, on the other hand or the shrinkage stress and stress of the discrete love layer and the veneer layer Concentrate and thus reach the goal of reducing and avoiding the presentation of gaps. In the part where the wall is easy to make a gap, it is necessary to adopt a part of the step of reinforcing the net.
3. The rock wool board will be covered by the protective layer and the joint will be waterproofed to reduce shrinkage and temperature stress.
In this way, the rock wool board can better exert its effectiveness, serve the building and serve the human race!
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'How to prevent cracks in fireproof rock wool

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