Application space of anatase titanium dioxide

Below we use anatase titanium dioxide to understand the characteristics of titanium dioxide products and the corresponding uses.

Anatase titanium dioxide is extremely chemically stable and is an acidic oxide. It hardly reacts with other elements and compounds at room temperature. However, under the action of light, titanium dioxide can undergo continuous redox reaction and has photochemical activity. This photochemical activity is particularly evident in anatase titanium dioxide under ultraviolet irradiation. This property makes titanium dioxide, even if it is a photosensitive oxidation catalyst for certain inorganic compounds, a photoreduction catalyst for certain organic compounds.

Titanium dioxide product features:

1. It is a coated anatase titanium dioxide with excellent dispersing properties and suspension properties, difficult to precipitate, uniform coloration and good gloss;

2. It is synthesized by high-energy surface activation of high-purity, high-resistance ultrafine inorganic powder and titanium dioxide. The synthetic material is superfinely pulverized, and the fineness of the powder reaches 2-10 microns;

3. It has high activity and strong binding ability with various polymer materials, which makes the product have better appearance performance and mechanical properties, and greatly improves weather resistance. And the low price allows users to reduce the cost of raw materials.

The main use of titanium dioxide:

Mainly used for thicker shoe, sheet, pipe, profile and coating applications.

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