Experts analyze the term "linear temperature change" of high and low temperature test chamber

The performance indicators of the high and low temperature test chamber basically include such points: temperature range, temperature fluctuation/uniformity, and heating time and cooling time. What we call "linear temperature change" is only related to the rise of these basic performance indicators. Cooling time is related.
The temperature rise and fall rate of the high and low temperature test chambers is also divided into two types, one of which is the linear temperature rise and fall speed, and the other is the full range average temperature rise and fall speed.
The linear temperature rise and fall is the guaranteed temperature change rate in any 5 min period. In fact, for the rapid temperature change high and low temperature test chamber, it is most difficult to ensure the linear temperature rise and fall speed. The most critical segment is the cooling rate that the test chamber can achieve during the last 5 min period of the vortex flowmeter.
The average speed of the whole process refers to the ratio of the difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature in the temperature range of the high and low temperature test chamber. The technical parameters of the variable temperature rate provided by the foreign environmental test equipment manufacturers all refer to the average rate of the whole process. .
Therefore, the high and low temperature test chamber preferably has two parameters: the average average temperature rise and fall speed and the linear temperature rise and fall speed. Generally speaking, the linear temperature rise and fall speed (average speed per 5 minutes) is 1/2 of the average temperature rise and fall speed of the whole process.
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