DK-III button machine

DK-III button machine

The DK-III type button fastening machine has reasonable structure, flexible operation, convenient use and firm binding. It is an ideal product for quick connection of machine conveyor belt.

It is suitable for conveyor belt thicknesses of 8-10mm, or for conveyor belts with strengths of 6 or below.

Now let's talk about his belt buckle. This buckle is made of high-quality carbon steel. After special process, it refines the internal structure and surface hardening of the material. It has tensile strength, shear resistance, high strength, long service life, wear resistance and easy to use. The advantages of strong connection are widely used in mines, ports, terminals, etc.

The button of this product is a parallel buckle double-breasted. A box of 20 joints, one can nail one meter, and one box can nail 20 meters.

Our company produces DK series of button machines, such as DK1, DK2, DK3, DK4, etc., you can choose according to your own needs. At the same time, our company also produces PZ series shotcrete machine and accessories on the shotcrete machine, nail button machine and belt buckle, sweeper and scraper, vibrator, belt machine integrated protection device and various belt machine detectors.

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'DK-III button machine

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