PTFE Coated Fiberglass as Teflon Bottom Table Wrap

Model NO.: YS9008AJ
Trademark: YOUNGSUN
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 1000mm x 50m
Origin: China
PTFE Coated Fiberglass has slippery smooth and nonstick surfacem resist high tempearature from -70-260C, ideal to use as Teflon Bottom Table Wrap 
PTFE Coated Fiberglass
is made of weaved high quality glassfiber yarn and coated with fine PTFE teflon resin, the fabric can resist high temperature from -70-260 C degree, it has excellent smooth and glossy surface which offers good release property, widely used for mould release and as conveyor belt for drying machine and sealing machine.

Product Details
Product name PTFE coated fiberglass
Material PTFE teflon coated glassfiber fabric
Thickness 0.13mm
Color Brown
Max width 1250mm
Length No limited
Temperature range -70-360C

PTFE Coated Fiberglass as Teflon Bottom Table Wrap


PTFE coated galss fabric is high temperature resist, excellent release property during -70-360C degree
PTFE coated fabric is non stick surface, anything adheres on the surface are easy to clean
Teflon fabric protector is dimensional stable and low friction
Chemical corrosion resistant
Microwave and UV resistance
FDA nad LFGB approval

0.11mm material made to teflon pillows and teflon platen covers for garment printing
0.25mm material as laminated sheet in solar panel industry
0.13mm material made to fusing machine belt used for bag sealing
Made to conveyor belt used on drying machine for garment and food
As oven liner, baking liner for bakery because it is food grade, passed FDA, LFGB

PTFE Coated Fiberglass as Teflon Bottom Table WrapPTFE Coated Fiberglass as Teflon Bottom Table Wrap

Other specifications for you to choose from
  MODEL      Color   Thickness   Max Width   Weight        Tensile Strength   TemperatureRange
YS-9008AJ      Brown   0.08mm   1250mm   158± 5g/m²   500/480N/50mm   -140~360
YS-9008BJ     Black   0.08mm   1250mm   160± 5g/m²   620/460N/50mm   -140~360
YS-9008Y     Black   0.08mm   1250mm   180± 5g/m²   930/720N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9013AJ     Brown   0.13mm   1250mm   260± 5g/m²  1100/1000N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9013BJ     Black   0.13mm   1250mm   275± 5g/m²   1000/960N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9013Y     Black   0.13mm   1250mm   290± 5g/m²   910/880N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9018AJ     Brown   0.18mm   1250mm   395± 5g/m²  1600/1600N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9018BJ     Black   0.18mm   1250mm   415± 5g/m²  1500/1500N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9025AJ     Brown   0.25mm   2800mm   490± 5g/m²  2700/2600N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9025BJ     Black   0.25mm   2800mm   510± 5g/m²  2100/1800N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9035AJ     Brown   0.35mm   3200mm   660± 5g/m²  2700/2600N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9035BJ     Black   0.35mm   3200mm   680± 5g/m²  2100/2200N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9040AJ     Brown   0.40mm   3500mm   780± 5g/m²  2900/3100N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9040BJ     Black   0.40mm   3500mm   820± 5g/m²  3000/2900N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9065AJ     Brown   0.65mm   4000mm   1150±5g/m²  4200/4000N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9090AJ     Brown   0.90mm   4000mm   1550±5g/m²  6300/5800N/50mm     -140~360
YS-9090BJ     Black   0.90mm   4000mm   1650±5g/m²  6150/5300N/50mm     -140~360

Packing and Delivery
Each ptfe fabric roll wraped with airbubble film, put into export carton, then all the cartons together on pallet
For small quantity, delivery via DHL, FEDEX, UPS
For large quantity, ship via sea LCL or FCL
PTFE Coated Fiberglass as Teflon Bottom Table Wrap

Our Company
PTFE Coated Fiberglass as Teflon Bottom Table Wrap

Taixing Youngsun Fl-Plastics Co.,Ltd is established in 2006, covers an area of more than 54000 square meter with registration capital of 40 million RMB.

Youngsun is manufacturer specialized in PTFE Glassfiber Fabric, PTFE Coated Fiberglass, PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt. In order to enssure product quality, esone import advanced vertical coating equipments, ultra-wide and high speed automatic weaving machine from Germany.

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