140 square meters decoration how much money matters needing attention

The 140-square-meter house can be said to be a big house. Of course, the cost of renovation will be much higher than that of a small house. So, how much is it for a 140 sqm house? 140 square meters of the decoration of the house to pay attention to what the problem? Then follow the small series to learn more about the 140 square meters decoration how much money !

Before decorating the house, you first need to understand the level of decoration. General 6-8 million of the low-end decoration, 8-10 million mid-range decoration, 150,000 can be considered a high-end decoration. Taking a 140-square-meter house as an example, we will introduce how much money will be spent on the 140-square-meter decoration in three categories: simple, medium, and luxury.

First, Lite Cost: about 60,000 yuan

Simple decoration project: only install the kitchen and bathroom facilities and equipment, other rooms only install the floor and the door, while the four walls are scraped, wear the pipeline; time: 2 months or so, the shortest one and a half months.

Second, mid-range decoration costs: 10 million

Mid-range renovation project: not only will the kitchen and bathroom be renovated, but also the main large hard furniture, etc., can be directly admitted after the decoration; time: 2 weeks and 3 months.

Third, high-end decoration costs: 15 million

Luxurious decoration projects: package expansion, mid-range decoration projects, luxury furniture, etc., and live in the feeling can be compared with the star hotel; decoration style can have their own choice of decoration; decoration time: 3 months -4 months or so.

Renovation 140 square meters of the house should pay attention to what the problem:

1, the floor tile must meet the wear-resistant anti-skid and other properties, high-quality floor tiles are more secure. The wall surface is not a place that is directly touched in daily life. The owner can select the product that suits his/her taste and looks good at quality, and does not need to pursue the brand.

2. Concealed water pipes and wires should be bought as far as possible, because if these pipes are closed, it is difficult to repair them in the event of a problem. Decorative items such as murals can be purchased relatively. In the future, they may change according to the development of the times.

3, instead of spending a lot of money on decorative walls and cabinets, it is better to buy some decorative elements for activities, which are light and easy to replace; or to integrate the entire decoration style, with a simple decorative wall cabinet that can often be painted to change the color, not only save money It is beautiful and practical.

Summary: After the introduction of the above article, now everyone should know how much money the 140 square meters decoration ! In fact, the cost of renovating a house is difficult to budget, because we may have some extra expenses during the renovation process. There are also different material choices and prices. The above mentioned price is only a reference answer, and there are still certain gaps between the specific prices in different regions.

140 square meters decoration how much money

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