PVC additive solutions for PVC window Profile

If we make PVC window profile, the raw materials beside PVC resin and Calcium carbonate, the PVC additive we will use as follows:

1. PVC Stabilizer(Lead based One Pack Stabilizer or non-toxicl PVC stabilier

2. Stearic acid or Loxiol G60(used as internal lubricants)

3. Polyehtylene wax or loxiol G70(used as external lubricants)

4.Impact Modifier CPE135A(Increase impact strength and toughness )

5.Processing Aid ACR401(decrease plasticizing temperature, improve plasticization)

6.Titanium dioxide rutile( use as white pigments)

7.Optical brightener OB-1( whitening plastics)

Based on above raw materials , we give advise formulation as follows:

PVC resin 100kg
PVC stabilizer 5-5.5kg
Stearic acid 0.4kg
Polyethylene wax 0.4kg,
ACR TP401: 2KG,
titanium dioxide rutile:2.5kg .
optical brightener: 40g

CPVC Resin is made by chlorination modification of PVC resin and is one advanced engineering material. This product is white or canary loose grain or powder with no smell, odorless and innocuity. After chlorination, the irregularity of molecular bond of the PVC resin and the polarity of molecular chain increase, the dissolvability and chemical stability of the resin also increase, and accordingly improve the heat resistance and resist the corrosion of acid, caustic, salt and oxidant etc. In addition, it improve the mechanical performance of numerical heat distortion temperature and chlorine content increases from 56.7% to 63-69% and Vicat softening temperature from 72-82 ℃ to 90-125 ℃ ; its highest service temperature can reach 110 ℃ and long-term service temperature can reach 95 ℃ . Accordingly, CPVC is one kind of advanced engineering plastic with vast foreground.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride CPVC Resin

CPVC Resin

CPVC Resin for Pipes, CPVC Resin CAS 68648-82-8, CPVC Resin for Fittings, CPVC Resin for Industrial

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